Business is booming

Imagine being an investor in the very early days of franchised restaurants, gyms or coffee shops. That is the kind of opportunity you are looking at right now as a potential franchise partner of IWG.

The flexible workspace sector has reached a tipping point. Growing by 10% each year, there has never been a better time to take advantage and seize this opportunity.

30% of Real-estate

of all commercial real estate is predicted to be flexible workspace, compared to 5% today.

(Source: JLL, Impact of Covid)

1.87 billion people

By 2022, the global mobile workforce will number 1.87 billion people

(Source: Strategy Analytics)

75% of FTSE 100

of the FTSE 100 now have flexible workspace solutions within their portfolio to cater to workforce demand.

(Source: Instant Group, Choice in Flexible Workspace)

This is what makes the flexible workspace sector one of the most exciting growth markets in the world. It is also why many now view it as the next franchise frontier.

Entering the market now, as an early adoption franchise partner, will enable you to diversify away from traditional industries and generate strong returns on franchise investments right from the start.

A market shaped by IWG

When visionary entrepreneur Mark Dixon launched Regus in 1989, he created a brand new market for flexible workspace and coworking that has been growing ever since. Throughout that time, the market has been led, shaped and defined by Regus and other IWG brands.

IWG today remains the largest industry player by far, enabling millions of people around the world to enjoy a great day at work.

7 million+ customers worldwide
Over 1 million enquiries annually
3500+ locations worldwide, 1,100+ towns and cities
4 global brands to match every kind of business, work style and price point

Demand is outstripping supply

How do people and businesses around the world really feel about flexible workspace? We conducted a survey measuring the attitudes of 18,000 business leaders in 96 countries. The survey findings reveal an extraordinary appetite for flexible working & office space.

said that flexible workspace enables employees in their company to be more productive while on the move.
believe flexible working helps their business grow (compared to 68% in 2016).
believe flexible working helps their business stay competitive.
believe flexible working helps their business maximize profits.
stated that enabling their company’s employees to work from anywhere helped them recruit and retain top talent (64% in 2016).