IWG Franchise FAQ

Who is IWG?

  • Founded in 1989, we have been helping people to work more productively for almost 30 years
  • IWG has been the industry leader since inception and is today the leading global workspace & coworking provider.
  • We create personal, financial and strategic value for businesses of every size
  • We provide workspaces, communities and services
  • We help more than 2.5 million people to work more productively
  • We do so in almost 3,500 locations in over 1,100 towns and cities across more than 120 countries
  • We employ approximately 10,000 team members globally
  • We also partner with property owners and brokers to help them tap into the increasing success of the flexible workspace industry

What are the Benefits of Franchising with IWG?

  • A highly cash-generative business model
  • Strong return on your franchise investment
  • Cost-effective model with low staff requirements. A typical IWG centre operates with two full-time employees
  • B2B franchise business model means single sales generate sustained revenue for multiple months, rather than need to attract high-volume, daily sales
  • A proven and robust operating model from a globally recognised brand, with almost 30 years of experience and knowledge
  • Established international sales and marketing channels
  • Comprehensive ongoing support from an experienced global franchise team

What makes a good franchisee?

  • We are looking for ambitious and driven partners who want to be part of an international branded network and benefit from replicating a proven model through utilising the established processes.
  • By owning a franchise, previous self-starters will be able to maximise the performance of their locations and will have the leadership qualities required to push their centre teams to drive sales and keep their customers satisfied – two key parts of running an IWG location.
  • You should be passionate about the brand but also the sector as a whole – we are already seeing significant shifts in the way people are working with employers and employees alike recognising the benefits of working in a shared office environment.

How many IWG centres do I need to open as a franchisee?

How much capital do I need to invest to open a IWG franchise?

How much revenue and profit can I make?

  • Although this depends on the country or region, the inherently highly cash-generative business model provides a strong return on investment, with the potential to be one of the most profitable franchises in the country.

How does IWG support its franchisees?

IWG has established a comprehensive support platform that provides franchise operators with:

  • Access to the full use of its extensive suite of proprietary systems and tools
  • Global customer support
  • Full marketing platform including website and app with set up and management for listing of IWG locations
  • Ability to leverage IWG’ international sales and marketing channels including our network of global corporate accounts
  • Provision of a customisable marketing plan
  • Access to a suite of customisable marketing templates including signage, events, advertising, sales collateral, PR materials and IWG stationery
  • Regular review by the IWG team of the marketing plan
  • Staff recruitment and training

Are there any differences between an IWG own centre and a franchised centre?

  • No, there are no visual differences between a franchised centre and an IWG owned centre.
  • These are also not differentiated in the IWG website, app or other marketing channels.
  • Our sales and operational teams support all centres 100%, and are unaware which ones are franchise-operated or not.
  • This helps to maintain IWG very high standard of quality throughout, while meeting customers’ expectations in all centres globally.

How long is the typical opening process?

  • It takes approximately four months from the moment a franchise agreement is signed until a centre is opened.
  • We provide continual support during the set-up process, from space planning and centre design to pricing strategy and staff training.

What staff training programme do you offer?

  • Franchisees will receive a full three-week, hands-on, in-centre induction allowing them to experience a centre first hand before they open their own.
  • This will allow franchisees to observe the day-to-day life of a centre whilst also familiarising themselves with our systems, tools and processes.
  • In addition, the franchisee’s centre team receives training identical to all our global centre staff. This involves a week-long, in-centre training week and a further week carrying our tutorials via our online training academy.
  • Thereafter, online training can always be re-visited for refresher training and shadowing of IWG employees in nearby company-owned centres are also available.